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November 21st, 2012 (10:58 am)

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Hi all! There is a TON of manga I want to get rid of, and I'm hoping I can send it to a good home! PLEASE Help me get rid of it! It won't be around long, because I'm tired of it lying on my floor already!

ALL BOOKS ARE $1 EACH. That's right, only $1 EACH!

All manga is in like-new condition, because I take very good care of my books. Everything is in English UNLESS NOTED. I prefer to sell complete series together. Shipping will be calculated through USPS and may be high if you order a lot of books (they're heavy). Happy shopping!


Bus Gamer (one-shot) 1 volume
Ceres:Celestial Legend (Full) 1-14
Crayon Shin-Chan (discontinued) 1-11
Chrono Crusade (Full) 1-8
Disgaea 1 & 2 (Full) 1-3
DOGS (Incomplete) 0-5
Enchanter (Incomplete) 1-9
Fruits Basket (Full) 1-23 + bonus sticker/art book!
Hayate The Combat Butler (incomplete) 1-10
Heroes Are Extinct! (Full) 1-3
Inubaka: Crazy For Dogs (Incomplete) 1-15
Judas (Full) 1-5
Konkon Kokon (discontinued) 1 volume
Loveless (out of print) 1-8
Murder Princess (full) 1-2
Mitsukazu Mihara Set (Beautiful People, RIP, IC In A Sunflower) 3 Volumes
Ninja Nonsense (out of print) 1-3 + DVD 1
Paradise Kiss (complete) 1-5
Queens (Full) 1-5
R.A.I. (one-shot) 1 Volume
Romance Papa (incomplete) 1-3
Saiyuki Reload (discontinued) 1-9
Strawberry Panic (incomplete) 1-2
Shrine of The Morning Mist (Incomplete) 1-4
Train Man (full) 1-3
Train*Train (incomplete) 1-2 *JAPANESE*
Trash (one-shot) vol.1
Twilight of the Dark Master (one-shot) 1 volume
Until The Full Moon full) 1-2
Voices of Love (one-shot, 18+ ONLY) 1 volume
The World Exists For Me (incomplete) 1-2
Worst (out of print) 1-3
Yami No Matsuei-Descendants of Darkness (out of print) 1-11
Yoki Koto Kiku (one-shot) vol.1

Junjo Romantica (incomplete) vols. 1-12
I Can't Stop Loving You! Volumes 1-2
Our Everlasting Vols 1-2
Yakuza In Love vols. 1-3
Dark Prince vols. 1-3
Clan of the Nakagamis vols. 1-2
Winter Demon vols. 1-4
Love Recipie vols. 1-2
Yellow vols. 1-4
Invisible Boy vols. 1-2
Ordinary Crush vols 1-2
Sunflower vols. 1-2

Isle of Forbidden Love
From Up Above
Mr. Tiger and Mr.Wolf
God of Dogs
Author's Pet
Man's Best Friend
Cute Beast
Manic Love
J-Boy (compilation)
Shinobu Kokoro
Pleasure Dome
Delivery Cupid
Rose of the Rhine
Maid In Heaven
Last Portrait
My Only King
Gakuen Heaven
Lover's Flat
Because I'm a Boy!
Honey Senior Darling Junior
A King's Lesson
Hybrid Child
Melted Love
Love Bus Stop
Hard Rock
The Paradise on the Hill
Time Lag
Alcohol, Shirt, and Kiss
Lost Boys
L'Etoile Solitaire
All Nippon Air Line
Alone In My King's Harem
Lover's Pledge
Wagamama Kitchen
Fake Fur
After I Win!
I'll Be Your Slave

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Feedback Post

December 5th, 2009 (11:15 am)

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Here's where you can leave feedback if you've bought anything from me, or sold anything to me. I also have Sera Sell Feedback and Ebay feedback.

Sera Sell Feedback

Ebay Feedback

~Thank You!~

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Blogging Sucks, Twitter Is Dumb, And I Fail

September 21st, 2009 (08:47 pm)

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...At least, according to my brother. He's been teasing me for the longest time because I'm on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, and I have a blog (this little one, I'm afraid). I guess I really AM a nerd (as if my obsessive reading of Harry Potter books and the hours upon hours of playing Oblivion weren't a clue). I've pretty much given up on Twitter and MySpace, and I only visit Facebook to approve friend requests. ^^;

But come to think of it, I haven't blogged much at all. I took down a lot of entries last year, and since then I haven't been bothered to write anything. I don't care to comment on things happening in the world today, because I never know enough of the story to make any kind of decision. The only thing I've heard lately online that I actually cared about was the fact "Sailor Moon" is now back on the air in Japan. ^^; Unfortunately I don't have much in my life to write about, and I prefer to post my artwork only on my DeviantArt page, so what is there out there to blog about? *lol* I guess I could blog about how I don't really care if I am a nerd. And I guess I could talk about how I resent people telling me I'm not a "gamer", even though I own and have played the Odyssey 2, NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, and XBox 360.

Or maybe I could blog about my anger at the Nine Inch Nails "Wave Goodbye" tour, which largely took place in Europe. A few dates were added in America, and despite Trent's assurances at the end of every one that it was the "last" show, there were an awful lot of supposedly "last" shows. I could blog about how much of a bad idea it is for Trent to get married. I could blog about my excitement at a possible live Metallica DVD being released this year or the next, because that is awesome. Hmm. I could blog about all the made-up NONSENSE that was crammed into the movie version of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".

The only thing I can't blog about is my fabulous new doll, a Bobobie resin 43cm Song Boy, because he hasn't arrived yet. ^^;;;; Fail!!

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NIN Art Cards For Sale

May 16th, 2009 (10:31 pm)

current mood: accomplished

In an attempt to get my mediocre art out there, and to make a little money because I'm poorer than dirt, I am selling nine art cards that I have drawn myself. Each one features a past or present member of Nine Inch Nails in my own anime style. They're about 3" X 4" each, and will arrive in a clear plastic sleeve for protection. There is only ONE of each card, so once one is sold, it's gone!

I will only accept Paypal instant transfers or concealed cash (concealed cash is at YOUR OWN RISK!). If you wish to pay by Paypal credit or debit card, please ask me first. You will be expected to pay Paypal fees as well as the card price and shipping. I will NOT ship a card or cards out to you until I have received full payment. Unfortunately, I cannot ship anywhere but the United States.

Each card is $5. Shipping for one card is $1, while shipping for two or more will be $2. Please keep in mind that I have to buy the envelopes and stamps and card sleeves to send these to you! :)

Cross-posted to the Unofficial Modwheelmood Forum and The Nine Inch Nails Sketchblog

pick a name
Click on the image to see a bigger view. Each card will be exactly as you see here. Please tell me title of the card(s) you want.

Top Row, left to right:
"Trent Reznor" 1 (in red)
"Trent Reznor" 2 (in black) SOLD
"Trent Reznor 1994" (in black) SOLD

Middle Row:
"Alessandro Cortini" (in brown)SOLD
"Aaron North" (in purple) SOLD
"Robin Finck" (in blue)

Bottom Row:
"Ilan Rubin - Kawaii" (in green)
"Jerome Dillon" (in blue)
"Jeordie White" (in sepia)

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Wish List

December 29th, 2008 (09:31 pm)
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I've been trolling through Ebay and several online stores and communities to find additions for my ever-growing Sailor Moon collection, and finally I've decided to put up a wishlist for trades or selling. Anyone who has any of these items, let me know! :)


Petit Soldier Sailor PLUTO Figure Pic
Petit Soldier Sailor NEPTUNE Figure Pic
Petit Soldier Sailor URANUS Figure Pic

Pink Base Super Sailor Moon, Mars, Chibimoon, or Jupiter candy figures Pic

Sailormoon World 6-inch Sailor Saturn doll Pic

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sailor Luna doll Pic

Excellent Team Sailor Moon doll Pic
Excellent Team Sailor Mercury Doll Pic
Excellent Team Sailor Jupiter Doll Pic
Excellent Team Sailor Venus Doll Pic

Cutie Model Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, or Sailor Venus Pic

Sailor Moon Official Illustrations Part 5 Pic
Sailor Moon Materials Collection Pic
Sailor Moon Infinity Collection Pic


Azumanga Daioh Kagura in Yukata Plush Pic
Azumanga Daioh Sakaki in Yukata Plush Pic
Cardcaptor Sakura Cutie Heroine Tomoyo Figure Pic
Wedding Peach Angel Daisy Doll Pic

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Disgusting Kids' Food..

March 22nd, 2008 (09:42 pm)

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If you were a kid in the late 1980's or early 90's, like me, chances are you were seduced by a mass amount of junk food popularized by cartoon/video game characters of the day. I mean, yeah, the Sonic the Hedgehog macaroni and cheese was good, as was the Super Mario Brothers pasta. But I'm not here to talk about those so-fine products - I wanna talk about one of the most disgusting food items of the time - the Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pudding Pies.

pick a name

Wikipedia can give you a standard description of these tasty treats horrors. But I wanted to describe them as I remember them in my childhood.

My mother would come home from the grocery store, her arms full of bags. I would be playing outside on my bike, and she would pull two TMNT pudding pies out of the bags - one for me, and one for my brother. My brother, always having been the more intelligent child, refused to eat his. I, always being the glutton, was happy to have two.

Until I bit into one.

Contrary to this commercial, TMNT pies were not all they were cracked up to be. The green coating of sugar on the outside was hard as hell, not to mention overpoweringly sweet even for a child, and the pudding inside was indescribably awful. And it got warm very fast. Eating that warm pudding was truly nauseating. The 'special edition ooze' pies were a hundred times worse - neon green pudding encased in a tasteless, crumbly pastry shell.

Yet, somehow, I forced both pies down. And I was apparently very retarded, because the next time my mother brought one home, I'd have forgotten how terrible it tasted and I'd get all excited. Until I ate it, of course.

I'm not saying all TMNT-themed foods were bad - the pizza was good, the cereal passible, and the ice pops with gumball eyes were totally kick-ass - but the pudding pies topped the list of gross. I can only assume the reason thousands of children choked these down was because it had the ninja turtles on the wrapper.

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4ndr0gyny FTW!

February 5th, 2008 (03:58 pm)

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My cousin and I have started a blog created especially for people to get to know our original character, Kai. We'd really love it if you'd visit often! There's not much up now, but we'll be working on it!

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June 16th, 2007 (03:51 pm)

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current song: Tenchi In Tokyo Episode 8

I'm such a dork... I just had to post some pictures of my proud collections. (Some of them, at least. I didn't take pictures of my anime toys collection...) Enjoy!!

My Anime Collection: All my anime tapes and DVDs. I plan on buying more next week if I have the money, so this picture will be outdated soon... ^^;;;

My Manga Collection: Huge... not as huge as some people I know, but there's at least $3,000 worth of manga here!!! Also included are my artbooks, both anime and manga!

My Anime Plushies: Posing on my beanbag chair. I've got Kenshin and Kaoru from "Rurouni Kenshin", Shigure from "Fruits Basket", Kero-chan from "Cardcaptor Sakura", Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Pluto from "Sailor Moon", and several Hello Kitty!s. *giggle* Aren't they cute??

My Dolls: My Japanese Princess Barbie and my Chinese New Year Barbie, along with my Japanese fans and a sake bottle, posing on top of my stereo!

My Workstation: A different pic than the one on deviantArt. Cleaned up and accessorized with my Japanese toys, my Sirius Black action figure, stickers, and the Trent Laura drew for me for my birthday. Yay!!!

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What's The Deal With Ken?

May 7th, 2007 (08:45 pm)

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What's The Deal With Ken?
pick a name

"Is he really just a sponge, or is that just the way it looks?" --my brother

Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone realise that in the Barbie/Ken relationship, Barbie has been the breadwinner since their invention? She's been a stewardess, a pilot, an artist, a teacher, an astronaut, a mother, countless movie stars, and more. And what's more, she takes care of six or so younger brothers and sisters (which I suspect are not actually "brothers and sisters" - Ken and Barbie's illegitimate children, more likely). And yet, I cannot remember Ken EVER having a job. (Besides ballet dancer and Captain Kirk.) If anyone knows if he ever had a job, please tell me! All the Kens I ever saw were "hobby" Kens. There was Camping Ken, Shaving Fun Ken (though if that's your hobby your life is pretty sad), and various sports-themed Kens. Oh, and a groom Ken. But... those aren't jobs.

So after all these years, Ken is just a useless, tv-watching, binge-eating, lazy bum (as seen above)? He sends his "wife" (marital status is unclear) to go out and work her butt off for the sake of the siblings/children? Um, I can see that Barbie was meant as an empowerment thing for girls, but don't you think this lazy Ken who depends on a rich blonde to provide for him to live a lifestyle of indulgence is a little bit emasculating?

Not that I'm all... political about this. It just struch me as odd that in the, 60-whatever years Barbie and Ken have been around, that the dude's never had a job. What a bum. Seriously, Ken. Get a freakin' job already!

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November 10th, 2005 (12:02 pm)

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My Nine Inch Nails concert experience!!! It became hugely long, so.... click on the cut! :D

NINE INCH NAILS - November 8, 2005Read more...Collapse )

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